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Prosperity with purpose. Make money AND do good.

Investment Opportunity

Prosperity with purpose. I keep hearing this line over and over in my head. Prosperity WITH purpose. Purpose is so important. Making money is not that hard when you know how. What is challenging is using it for good and ensuring you keep top of mind the reason for doing it.

On one particular street in Columbus, we own almost all the four-plex units. It's fantastic! Why? Well, once a year, we can set up a BBQ, bring jumping castles for the kids and create a fantastic family atmosphere for our tenants. We can LITERALLY transform the communities we invest in and we can change the direction of these neighborhoods.

Prosperity with purpose.

Picture this - we own an apartment complex where a few units are reserved for single mothers, victims of abuse, people trying to get back on their feet - a hand up, not a hand out. After we qualify them, we charge them less rent to help them save so they don't have to live paycheck to paycheck.

We can make money and do good. Prosperity with purpose.

This got me thinking...