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Renovation & Repairs

There is a world of difference between renovating an investment property and renovating your own home. Many new investors don't know the difference and it costs them thousands in unnecessary and preventable expenses.

Things like paint and carpet color, types of floor coverings, cabinet materials and appliance choices all matter.

Some paints are washable and some are not. Some appliances stand up to more abuse than others and are cheaper to repair. Choosing the right carpet color and material can make the difference between years of use or having to be replaced with every tenant vacancy.

How can you make your property look great and appealing to tenants while ensuring it lasts a long time?

We'll show you how - it's what we do day in day out!

Book in time for a 1 on 1 consultation to see how we can help you get your property in the best shape and keep it that way!

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