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Property Location Service

Finding the right investment property is not as simple as looking up an ad and walking through with a realtor. Sure you could do that, but it's easy to make mistakes. Many agents are not familiar with what makes a good investment property or have the skills and knowledge to work with investors.

You need to understand the market. There are bad parts of town for investment - and good parts. You need to know the difference. You can be in a great investment area but on the wrong street. Yes - it can be that different!

You need to know which areas of town are growing and which are shrinking. You need an expert that's on your side, guiding you through and that's where Boring Investments come in - we work for you. We'll show you where to buy and will explain the ins and outs of the market.

Lastly, you need to know how much to spend on a home to make it a worthwhile investment. Spend too little and you may buy a head ache, spend too much and you will diminish your cash flow significantly.

There is a 'sweet spot' in every market where you can maximize your returns and that's where we help you buy.

If you want to know more, book a free 1 on 1 consultation and hear how we can help you!

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